Lingnan is born again in free China Edit


Level of Description


  • circa 1943 (Creation)


  • Scope and Contents

    The record is the typescript of an article authored by Szto Wai, Principal of the Lingnan Middle School in Hong Kong. Exact publication date and place are unknown. The contents are observed to be the English translation derived from the original article in Chinese entitled 「從港戰到復校」(in 《 抗戰期間的嶺南》, p. 29 to 31).

    The contents began with the air bomb of Japanese force against Hong Kong happened on 1941 December 8. Szto Wai was in Hong Kong at that time and involved in the evacuation of both campuses at Castle Peak and Stubbs Road. It then featured the re-establishment of Lingnan at Taitsuen, China (嶺大村). Szto-wai gave detailed description about the process of re-establishment, including the location searching, construction of campus buildings, collaboration with the locales and other higher institutes in China, students enrollment, and finally having Lingnan in full operation again on 1942 August 1.

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